WSMB was lead counsel representing a group of around 40 venture capital firms and other investors in an international arbitration and foreign court action with more than $120 million at issue.  The matter involved a series of disputes arising out of a foreign public company’s purchase of a U.S.-based technology company controlled by the VCs.  The two main merger agreements contained vastly different dispute-resolution clauses – one requiring a trial in the courts of Norway and the other requiring international arbitration.  With the assistance of local counsel, we tried and won the case in Norway.  Then we were able to reach a favorable settlement of the overall dispute after delivering our opening statement to the international arbitration tribunal in London.

WSMB obtained a preliminary injunction in a trademark infringement action against a high-profile, VC-funded technology company.  The order required the defendant to immediately cease operations and completely re-brand before reopening.

WSMB represented the former head of the CDO (collateralized debt obligation) structuring group of one of the world’s largest financial institutions in connection with (i) investigations of the institution and its employees by federal authorities, including the FCIC and the SEC, (ii) the trial of one of our client’s direct reports in a case brought by the SEC, and (iii) a securities class-action brought against the institution.

WSMB represents multiple senior executives of a failed, New York-based hedge fund in connection with claims of breach of contract and fraud, among others.  The first of these actions was arbitrated under the CPR rules, and after a seven-day hearing WSMB won a significant (seven figure) arbitration award for its client.  WSMB then successfully defended that award in a court challenge and collected in full.

WSMB represented a financial services and private investment company (focused on real-estate-related investments) in a federal court case against a large foreign bank.  The dispute involved a statutory business trust comprised of government guaranteed mortgage-backed securities.  The parties agreed to a JAMS mediation, and we were able to reach a favorable settlement before trial.

WSMB represented a leading issuer of residential mortgage backed securities (with subprime collateral) in an arbitration with a large global bank.  The dispute involved the composition of a pool of mortgage loans for a joint securitization.  We were able to reach a favorable settlement before the commencement of the arbitration.

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